Financial Management

Today’s CFO faces a challenging world that’s constantly changing. A world where the ability of the CFO and the finance organisation generally to respond rapidly, and find practicable solutions to complex issues, is taken for granted. The CFO and the finance organisation should support the execution of strategies in a forward-looking way through the provision of transparent information, insight and financial decision support. Simultaneously, the finance organisation should be efficient and scalable and have focus on controls, risks, expenses and resources.

At Certum Business Consulting we develop finance functions to achieve rapid and sustainable performance improvements in order to meet these challenges. Furthermore, when we undertake an improvement project we ensure effective knowledge transfer such that clients can continue to work to deliver improvements on their own initiative starting from the new higher level of performance as a base.

When high-performing CFOs and their finance organisations focus on delivering continuous performance improvements they often run into resource or time constraints. In such situations, Certum Business Consulting can provide the required support and help organisations realise the required improvement.

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Certum Business Consulting benefits from a team with more than 25 years of experience working with consulting, mergers & acquisitions, financial management, accounting and audits for big 4 firms as well as corporate advisory services.

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