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Many people think that management reporting is a question of choosing the right ERP system. The implication being that if management reporting is substandard the solution is to invest in some new software. At Certum Business Consulting we believe that in order to benefit from a new ERP system fundamental processes need to be correctly implemented. Management reporting is in our view a matter of gathering and presenting information in a timely, efficient and useful way with focus on the key performance indicators which best illustrate how well a business is realising its strategy. That can be done with the majority of ERP systems currently implemented so long as these fundamental structures are in place. At Certum Business Consulting we advise clients in the development or improvement of their management reporting.

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Certum Business Consulting benefits from a team with more than 25 years of experience working with consulting, mergers & acquisitions, financial management, accounting and audits for big 4 firms as well as corporate advisory services.

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