Financial Management Health Check

If you’re a business owner, chairman of the board, CEO or CFO and you’re new to your position you may feel you need an independent view on the state and health of your finance organisation.

If so, you should consider engaging Certum Business Consulting to perform a rapid financial management health check. During the process, we will analyse and evaluate the health of your finance organisation in order to provide you with an independent view of the organisation, people, processes and systems, as well as suggested actions including identified quick wins and medium and longer term development areas. A health check can also provide the basis for a transition plan for the new CFO, securing a smooth transfer into the new position.

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Certum Business Consulting benefits from a team with more than 25 years of experience working with consulting, mergers & acquisitions, financial management, accounting and audits for big 4 firms as well as corporate advisory services.

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